Restomod Day 14 - Breaking


Photos from Day 14: A replacement half-shaft and a broken front upright

A replacement part for the half-shaft I broke testing new axle designs

View of replacement Left Rear Half-Shaft

The CAD design

CAD Rendering of shaft

When I finally got back to assembling the suspension after fixing the half-shaft, I cracked the upright on the '05 Mustang chassis.

Cracked Front Left Upright

Isolation view of cracked upright

Plan view of cracked upright

Isolation view of cracked upright

My next project: Replace the front upright with a printed design

Front suspension without wheel and upright

The goal is to match the range of motion and functionality of the existing part. I'm hoping I can simplify the geometry a little bit to make the print work consistently.

Assembled Front Suspension Full Turn

Assembled Front Suspension Opposite Turn