Restomod Day 9 - Building


Today's focus was on replacing the wheels for the XMods. This has two purposes: I've wanted to play around with printing my own wheel designs and I wanted to experiment with replacing the wheel axles to see if I could reduce slop in the wheels that comes from a loose fit between the axles and the hub.

Chassis with wheel removed

Disassembled Hub Assembly

One discrepancy I didn't notice when I was originally designing the replacement axles was the difference between the front and rear hubs. The front hubs are longer to allow for the swing in position as the front wheels steer, especially with the wider steering racks.

Front and Rear Original Axles

New Axles

The axles do scale fairly well. The longer axle is only different in the top half by a couple millimeters. Otherwise the same design works for both front and rear axles. Compared with the original parts, the printed axles are 0.4 mm larger in diameter where it mates with the bushings. This makes for a significantly tighter fit with less slop.

CAD Image

Wheel, Axle and Replacement Axle

New Hub Assembly Close Up

New Hub Assembly Close Up Rear View

New Wheels

The wheel designs have so far been simpler because they were printed with the outer face of the wheel as the surface that supports the rest of the print.

CAD Image

Printed Wheel With Raft

Printed Wheel

Wheel Close Up

Chassis showing new wheel and hub

Chassis with New Wheels

Evo with New Wheels