Restomod Day 6 - Building


The latest design has almost all of the features that I'm looking for, with support for some more interesting customization to go beyond the style of the original bumper.

Front 3/4 view with new bumper

CAD Rendering

For comparison, the new bumper deletes the turn signal indicators and exposes the headlights. The end goal for the headlights is to replace them with LEDs, but for now the printed rings are a compromise for testing fit before committing to the electrical work.

Front view comparing the new and old bumper

One thing to note on this high-angle front 3/4 view is that the line of the front bumper doesn't blend into the headlight and wheel arch as smoothly as the original design.

Front 3/4 view with wheels turned

While the focus for this view isn't perfect, it does highlight that the headlight geometry isn't quite aligned with the body. At the outboard side of the headlight, the body actually slants in slightly which is not captured in the current design. Also, comparing back to the first side by side photo, the inboard end of the headlights should end up lining up with the sculpting on the hood.

Close up view of headlight design

A highlight for the new design: There is plenty of clearance for the wheel to turn to its maximum extent. This design iteration also highlighted that the existing XMods hub design does lead to slop in the wheel, so the wheel can yaw left and right without the hub changing position. This may need to be addressed by adjusting the wheel/hub design or experimenting with replacing the parts themselves.

Close up view of front wheel arch with wheels turned in

These last two images cover the suspension compression and ground clearance. With the suspension fully compressed, there is still clearance with the updated front bumper design.

Close up view of front wheel arch with no compression

Close up view of front wheel arch with suspension compressed