Restomod Day 5 - Building


Before and after pictures, the design is almost a good fit. There are some spacing issues at the wheel well but visually the layout and the headlights are close to the original style. It isn't immediately obvious, but the center section under the hood has a visible gap because the hood peaks in the middle.

Comparing the new design and old

Front 3/4 view with old bumper

Front 3/4 view with new bumper

Front view of new bumper

Inspecting the fit from the side of the car. The print actually had a little too much space around the supports from the body of the car, so I'm going to shrink those down by a little bit to lead to a more snug fit.

Side view of front wheel arch

Things are starting to shape up. I'd almost forgetting that the end goal was to put this back on the chassis.

Body on chassis side view

Body on chassis front view

Unfortunately, the wheels collide with the inside supports of the front bumper. There should be plenty of space to remove a section so the wheel can turn and the suspension can compress freely.

Underside view of printed bumper with wheel contacting bumper

One further adjustment while making space for the wheels was to simplify the resulting geometry internally. It'll speed up the print (I think) as well as simplify future changes, without sacrificing the exterior styling.

Underside view with calipers measuring approximate spacing to wheel

Another consideration: with the suspension fully compressed, the new front design would rub along the ground. That's fine if the car's running on graph paper, less so if it's going to be running on uneven surfaces.

Side view of front wheel arch with suspension compressed and bumper on the ground