Restomod Day 15 - Building


Photos from Day 15: Printing a new front upright and new axles

While re-assembling the front wheel setup for the '05 Mustang chassis, I cracked the front left suspension upright. After a handful of print iterations, I've gotten to something workable.

Chassis with 3D printed upright fitted

The CAD design

CAD Rendering of upright

Surprisingly, the part was a good fit for the cover that it needed to slip into. At this point, it's actually too good a fit. It slides on nicely, but it doesn't have enough wiggle room to slip it off without a fight

3D printed upright with cover fitted

3D printed upright with cover and wheel

In better news, I was able to finish printing the new axle design, which means that I have a rolling chassis again for the Evo / '65 chassis. The first picture shows the chassis waiting for the last print for the front right axle.

Front right axle assembly in progress

Classic Ford Mustang Mounted on chassis with circular wheel design

Classic Ford Mustang mounted on chassis with seven spoke wheel design