AT Hiker Plays Firewatch: Day 2 - Building


Back playing Firewatch. The game is more than just scenic views.

Day 3

  • I'm not as surprised by the art and how good it is, but its still pretty great

  • I can hear the ducks and things at Jonesy Lake, but I can't see any hint of them, which made me sad. One thing I like to do is take a moment to stop and be quiet and look out over a lake or pond and see what there is to see when I stop making noise, so I was hoping to see something, even just a trail of a duck in the water

  • Turns out there was a single duck

  • I got impatient and started jogging

  • Also noticed some frames dropping, probably the world loading in the background

  • And suddenly, it's day 9

Day 9

  • Drama... I hope I made the right decisions

Day 15

  • Got a radio call from Julia? huh?

Day 33

  • Ok, so it was weird, I wasn't just completely misunderstanding and mixing up game characters in my head.

Day 64

  • Being awkwardly flirty...

  • The fire is great to look at

Day 76

  • I like being able to be a little sarcastic and witty with my voice lines

  • Getting punched was freaky and disconcerting

  • Also, the cairn is a nice touch

  • Not sure what day I'm on any more

  • I found a ski, I guess it'll eventually be winter here. I wonder if it goes with the snow mobiles.

  • The old shelters remind me of some of the old shelters on the AT. Specifically, an old shelter in Connecticut that was marked as popular bear territory where I spent a night by myself (with a handy bible left next to the "Warning: Prominent Bear Activity in this Area" sign)

  • The Totem Pole was unexpected

  • Fuck that coughing was uncomfortable

Day 77

  • I feel like I'm being set up

  • The intense music is building!!!!! The music is perfect for pushing the emotion during my play through today. I'm like the music, but I'm starting to worry when the nice music starts playing.

  • The sunlight is so pretty but I'm a little stressed about it so I can't even stop to enjoy it. Feels like hiking to Greenleaf Hut when the sun is setting. It's pretty, but I also wanted really badly to be some place before sunset.

  • On the plus side, I am getting to know the area better. I rarely had the time to do that when I was hiking. I guess that's a plus, its one of the few things that isn't creeping me out as I write this.

  • I feel like one of my ropes is going to "break" again, I get real stressed out any time I'm going to rappel or climb

  • Why do I have to do this exploration when it's getting dark out? With creaking trees and ominous music?

  • This is crazier than I thought. I thought all the voice lines were making stuff up.

  • Hypothesis for clipboard: I'm the first subject, the last one with the excessive consumption is the guy who brought his kid. Delilah is the middle woman, and the other man is the one that went missing? There is also the two dudes who were writing back and forth by note, one of whom was trying to get laid (if I remember correctly). I didn't pick up those notes because I thought it would make things interesting to not do that and instead try to remember what they said by my own magical neurons. Fingers crossed it makes things more interesting.

  • Side note (looking back at my notes): I kinda called the "outside influences thing" at the beginning of Day 77.

  • Also, I'm totally going to get ambushed on my way back.

Day 77 continues

  • Thinking back on that cairn that I found, I'm not sure the cairn was there before. I accidentally messed up the one by the fence.

  • I am officially too creeped out to keep playing right now